Erik Skoldberg is a contemporary artist who reaches beyond the canvas, building a master collection of paintings, surfboards and interactive installations. His combination of energetically charged colors and his unique layering process creates works offering a true vacation of the mind.

Growing up on the back roads and
beaches of California, there is not much that Skoldberg doesn’t have
his hands into. With his creative builder mind and his laidback surfer
style, International lifestyle brands have sought to collaborate and
extend his ethos into their brand.

Skoldberg’s studio can be found in the downtown Nashville, TN. Skoldberg is collected privately in cities throughout the world including New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Berlin. The texture and energy of Skoldberg’s brush strokes catapults him to a special place within the contemporary art world. Building his icon collection, pop collection and custom surfboards just scratch the surface of where this work is going. His pieces are the perfect compliment to any space.


The focus, vibrancy, and movement of
each piece portray many of the feelings and experiences that inspire me.
My collection is truly a portrait and reflection of my life. My
appreciation for Mother Nature and the feeling it evokes when something
spectacular is captured continually inspires me to create.

I am in awe with nature’s sense of
design and composition as its contrast, rhythm and repetition. The
elements of art are apparent in each line, shape and texture that exists
in each movement of our changing seasons.

Over the years I have blended all this to create and find my own expression. Through layering, brushstrokes and the application of color I am able to express a distinctive style hoping to give my artwork a breath and life of its own. We live in such a fast paced and often stressful world that sometimes we miss the natural beauty going on around us that Mother Nature so generously offers. I am trying to recapture the scenes that bring so much joy and happiness and simply share them with others. Having my Bachelors Degree from the University of San Diego, I am excited about focusing my time on building a collection of art for the public to view that will inspire, evoke feeling and passion like my art has done for me.